Telstra wanted to combine the power of mobile applications, IOT sensors and a meshed networks of communication hubs together to resolve an aged old problem. The loss of a customers valuable possessions.

By attaching Bluetooth tags to your valuables, Telstra’s mobile app will allow you to track the exact location of your valuables on a mapping interface 24/7 365 days a year.



XAM senior consultants partnered with the in-house Telstra team to work on the co-creation of the mobile app. As specialists XAM adopted a consultative approach to the technical design and delivery whilst still being hands on in the day to day development of the solution.

With the project spanning 12 months XAM played an integral role in the core features of the application including the Bluetooth interface and mapping components which are key to the app.



Telstra vision has become a reality, engaging new users onto the platform everyday with excellent reviews in the app store. The nature of the app results in a community of Telstra users working in collaboration to create a meshed discovery network.

The product is performing for customers all over Australia helping them to never lose their valuables again.