Easily Create Awesome Slideover's in Xamarin.Forms
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SlideOverKit is a (Free and OpenSource) component for Xamarin.Forms. It allows developers to easily create awesome Slideovers in Xamarin.Forms.

SlideOverKit can appear from all directions, top, bottom, left and right. You can also set the menu size and positions, and use it as a pop-up view control.

✔ Full XAML Support
✔ Quick & Easy to use
✔ Immensely Flexible
✔ Advanced Gestures and Touch Support
✔ Enterprise Level
✔ TestCloud Tested


You can do a huge range of things with SlideOverKit but we've include some samples to help you get started.

Right Master Detail Page

Menu comes from right side

Slide up Menu

Menu comes from botton side

Slide Down Menu

Menu comes from top side

Quick Inner Menu

Customer size and position menu


SlideOverKit is now free and opensource, we'll be working on SlideOverKit to contribute the community. [email protected] .

Get Started

Samples as zip Samples on github repo

Samples as zip Samples on github repo

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