As a business Kmart’s goal was to innovate in-store technology by giving its staff new applications to streamline staff processes.

With a view to improving staff engagement and subsequently customer experience Kmart wanted to create an app that was integrated with a Zebra barcode scanner which allowed the staff to perform over 40 shop floor staff functions from a single device.



As a greenfield project XAM consulted with the Kmart technical team architected the application and integration for this complex mobile application. Documenting and then developing a scalable MVP to gain board approval to move onto the build phase.

With an embedded technical team XAM augmented senior development staff to lead that team and ultimately deliver the mobile application.



After 12 month of architecture design, development, testing and deployment from the team the application was rolled out in stored nationwide.

The application resulted  in a significant increase in employee engagement, efficiency and ultimately a better customer experience.