We help you do more!


We master our disciplines so that we can make you successful. 

Our services

We’re a little famous for being some of the best around when it comes to design and development of modern applications. We love great design and have a passion for technology. 

We also love to do things the ‘right’ way. We focus on quality in all aspects of our daily work. For us, it’s not just about the technology you develop with, but the service that you receive. 

    Xamarin Development/Consulting

    When it comes to Xamarin, we’re one of the top teams (it’s our bread in butter!). We’ve helped over 40 companies deliver their Xamarin apps into the stores. We can help with Xamarin on multiple levels from project kickstarters and training to full-lifecycle development and on-site consulting.

    -Full-Lifecycle Xamarin Development
    -Onsite Consulting and Training
    -Project Rescue
    -Advanced Component Development
    -Project Kickstarters
    -Mobile/Xamarin Solution Architecture
    -Mobile Dev Ops
    -Mobile QA

    Digital Product Design / UX / Visual Design

    We love to help you understand your user and how they interact with your brand. Initially, we build a product strategy to delve into your business and analyse your goals, industry, customers and problems to be solved. We then move onto UX design and eventually build stunning visual designs.

    -Customer Journey Mapping
    -Product Strategy
    -User Experience Design
    -Visual Design


    Full-lifecycle Software Development

    Building an intuitive, beautiful and efficient app is a complex process. We will dive into your business and understand your customers in order to create, test and deliver the best solutions. 

    – Inception: All apps start with an idea – We will help you refine it according to your goals 

    – Design: We will prototype and test on real users to guarantee a outstanding user experience

    – Development: We will use advanced technologies to build the application on time and budget

    Stabilization and Deployment: We will get everything prepared for delivery by fixing bugs and perform necessary changes. And your app is ready to go!

     Web and Cloud Solutions

    Our team are veterans of software engineering and love building full stack solutions leveraging the latest technologies in web development, cloud platforms and native application development.

    We’ve built modern cloud system using Paas and serverless architecture. 

    -AWS (Amazon Web Services)
    -AngularJS / React / HTML5
    -Chat Bots